Highlander | New art exhibit questions the consequences of institutional incarceration

May 23, 2016
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The California Museum of Photography at the UCR ARTSblock hosted an opening reception for their newest exhibit, “States of Incarceration: A National History of Local Dialogues” last Saturday evening. The exhibit is an interdisciplinary multimedia project that uses historical evidence, scholarly research, crime statistics, music, photographs and the internet to examine the nature of America’s prison systems — with a carefully honed eye on the racial inequalities and the ways in which the current surge in imprisoned men and women is affecting society.

The exhibit is a unique, collaborative project that 20 teams in 17 different states worked to create. Each team created different chapters of the project that tackle the national issue of mass incarceration, but also show something unique about their region.

The first piece of the exhibit sets the narrative tone for the work by documenting different historical events with tabs connected to a three-dimensional graph made of cold, grey metal. The display can be viewed from two different angles: first as a story unfolding as you walk down a line from tab to tab, and then as you take a step back and face forward to see it in its entirety, the graph becomes recognizable.


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