New York Daily News | Rikers Island’s presence on subway maps over the years a focal point in New School’s exhibit on our incarceration nation

April 13, 2016
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In 1972, Rikers Island was not on the map — or at least not on the subway map. Today, it’s not only on the map but it’s the centerpiece of a new exhibition that looks at — among other things — the subway map’s spotted history of deleting the city’s notorious penal colony.

On display now through April 24 at the New School is “States of Incarceration,” a multimedia display featuring archival images, data visualizations, recorded interviews, quotes and research about mass incarceration.

The project is based on the collaborative efforts of more than 500 students at 20 universities, all looking to answer one question: How has the U.S. become the world leader in incarceration?

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