Partner Spotlight: University of Miami

October 29, 2015
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The Krome Detention Center is one of most well-known immigration detention centers in the United States. Located in Miami, Florida, the facility holds an average of 600 immigration detainees. (The ICE detainee population at Krome has fluctuated between 550 and 875 since 2006.) People interred at Krome are either in removal proceedings or are awaiting deportation. Since 2009, the majority of people detained are from Haiti, followed by large numbers of people from Mexico, Guatemala, China, and El Salvador. Over 30 other nationalities are represented at the facility. The facility is formally referred to as the Krome North Service Processing Center. Students at the University of Miami will explore how the problem of mass incarceration in the contemporary U.S. comprises various states of imprisonment and reflects racialized constructions of criminality dating back to the antebellum era. Working collaboratively community partner Florida Immigrant Coalition (FLIC) students will explore local questions related to mass incarceration and immigrant detention, through service-learning civic engagement. Students will work with FLIC to support and facilitate visitation programs for immigrant detainees held at the Krome North Processing Center (Krome) and/or Broward Transitional Center (BTC).


Facilitators: Ashley Arostegui, Associate Director, Office of Civic and Community Engagement; Robin Bachin, Assistant Provost for Civic and Community Engagement
Collaborators: Florida Immigrant Coalition
Funders: Office of Civic and Community Engagement